Hotel Isabel en el Centro Historico de la Ciudad de México
Hotel Isabel
Isabel La Catolica N° 63
Centro Historico.
Ciudad de México, D.F. CP 06000
(0155) 5518 1213 al 17
Fax (0155) 5521 1233

The Isabel Hotel is located in the heart of the city of Mexico, a few blocks from the Zocalo, the main square of our city.
Its location allows us to take a stroll around the hotel and enjoy the beautiful architecture of the colonial buildings of this area and to visit many museums, theaters and famous restaurants in Mexico and the world.
Zocalo de la Ciudad de Mexico  
  Mariachis de la Plaza Garibaldi
The historic center of Mexico City, is also the cultural center of our country. Hotel Isabel, allows visitors direct contact with our cultural traditions, such as Danza Azteca in the Zocalo of Mexico, the Mariachis in Garibaldi Square, or visit the Museum of the Templo Mayor, where you can see the archaeological excavations of the Tenochtitlan antique city in mexico and the old Metropolitan Cathedral, which also houses a large collection of colonial religious art, displays of the great popular religion of our people.
  Danza Azteca Templo Mayor  
  Sistema de Trasnporte Metro
Another advantage of our hotel is located in the historic center, are the means of transport available to our customers because they can travel to the destinations of this great city. A few blocks from Hotel Isabel have six stations of the subway lines 1, 2 and 9: These are; Zocalo Allende, Isabel la Católica, Salto del Agua and San Juan de Letran, which allow travel to the three major Centers Buses from Mexico City to travel to any part of the country or area of the city.
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